‘Triptyqu3: Silk Bones’ by Gab BT

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A journey into a strange, dark and beautiful place.

A film by: Gab BT
Produced by: Tryptiqu3
With the Collaboration and Music of: Black Tiger Sex Machine
Designers: Dimitri Chris, White Label by Evelyne Fay, Third Eye by Dessaivre
Accesories: Morgan Black
Stylist: Duc C. Nguyen
Stylisting assistant: Tiago Curado
Photographer: Faubert-Verbert
Assistant photographer: Daphné Caron, Yoan Boisjoli
Hair : Patrick G. Nadeau at Salon Orbite
Hair Extensions: GeeWig by Gael Betts
Make-Up : Charlotte-Marie Flannery
Models : Valérie (Montage), Vanessa (Specs), Jessica (Scoop)
Gaffer & Camera Assistant: Martin Gros, Alexandre Auray