Youth of the Woods by Gab BT

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Directed & Filmed by: Gab BT –
Artistic Direction & Photography by: Emanuel Botello –
Additional Photograhy and Help by: Marie Jane – +
Styling by: Tinashe Musura, Abraham Ben Barriga, Lu Philippe Guilmette
Makeup by: Nathaniel D.
Additional Footage & A.C: Asmir Pervanic
Models: Sebastian Allen (Ford), Isabelle Elsliger, Rebecca Morel, William Sgroi, Jean François Gervais, Abraham Ben Barriga, Chloe Wise (Dulcedo), Adonis Bosso (Montage), Rima Chahine
Music (unlicensed): Donovan Woods – Lawren Harris, Tennis – Pigeon

Some Screenshots:

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